Moderne Biotechnologie ist allgegenwärtig

Maßnahmen gegen den Klimawandel oder den Treibhauseffekt sowie Technologien und Arzneien zur Behandlung von Krankheiten sind ohne Biotechnologie nicht denkbar. Erfahren Sie mehr über aktuelle Trends und Entwicklungen in der Biotechnologie in unserem Blog.
3D render of a medical background with virus cells

Testing COVID-19 drugs

Globally, the search for potential drugs and vaccines is proceeding rapidly. A collaborative acib-research project focuses on the identification, evaluation and pre-clinical testing of a

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Prof. Sensen from the TU Graz and two scientists present a new technology against breast cancer (F-LU-17).

Early detection of sepsis

Whether activating or silencing genes, breaking down defective cells or building new tissue, our body is constantly working to repair itself, even in cases of

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