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Bio-based alkanes/alkenes production

Flavors and fragrances, cosmetics, lubricants, surfactants, pesticides, fine chemicals, bioplastics, biofuels, detergents, adhesives, solvents, dispersants for dyes, textile finishing – the potential applications of bio-based alkanes and alkenes seem almost endless. At acib, we provide the tools to make this

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Yeast surface display: High-end protein engineering

Yeast surface display represents a powerful protein lab)
engineering technology, enabling a wide range of applications including the generation of novel antigen binding sites (also in non-antibody proteins), affinity maturation, construction of pH-dependent binding sites and protein stabilization, among many

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Method to improve mRNA vaccine safety

We present an innovative approach to enhance safety and efficacy of mRNA vaccines by incorporate vasoconstrictors during preparation. By preventing unintended bloodstream entry and minimizing adverse effects our method addresses concerns surrounding vaccine safety, improving the effectiveness and general reception

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Cultured Meds: Next-Gen Pharma

Ever wondered how to produce essential pharmaceuticals more affordably and sustainably? acib is going to revolutionize the production of plant-derived bioactive molecules by developing a plant cell-based, bioreactor-compatible technology to defeat the limitations of traditional manufacturing approaches. Check it out

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NMR-based metabolomics

Understanding the intricacies of metabolite fingerprints, their variations and absolute concentrations is paramount for a diverse array of studies. This includes biomarker studies, mechanistic inquiries, metabolic engineering endeavors, or quality assessments of complex mixtures.

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The CHO-cell technology advantage

acib has spearheaded for over a decade an international collaborative effort to unlock the potential of CHO-cells, addressing the main challenges of cell-line optimization. Benefit from reduced time-to-market and lower production cost and let acib streamline your process!

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Enzyme discovery and development for polymer processing

The research field of polymer & environmental biotechnology focusses on the development of biotechnical and enzymatic strategies related to polymer / material processing and environmental aspects. The expertise ranges from function-based enzyme development, in silico screenings and enzyme activation to

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