Natural vegan cholesterol

Did you know that cholesterol is absolutely vital for our cells and a very popular ingredient in a wide range of cosmetics? Did you also know that cholesterol is animal derived, and naturally produced vegan cholesterol is painfully missing on the market? Let’s change that with acib’s cholesterol-producing yeast!

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Europe’s Green Deal largely depends on lithium imports, but there are environmental concerns against mining in Europe. What if there would be a green, environmentally-friendly ‘bio-mining’ alternative for Europe?

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Secondary Metabolites

As secondary metabolites are produced with the purpose to confer a selective advantage of the host organism they are an excellent source of novel bioactive compounds with great therapeutic potential for e.g. anti-biotics, anti-viral drugs and biological fungicides.

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Rejuvenated yeasts for better production

You want to save money on expensive fermentation processes and speed them up? Young and viable cells provide a better fermentation performance. acib’s technology rejuvenates your yeast culture to increase process productivity withouth affecting other parameters.

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Novel treatment options for precision oncology

Immune evasion is a hallmark of cancer, contributing signifcantly to the progression of malignancies and associated mortalities. An interdisciplinary approach lead by acib can assess personalized treatment options for patients, as well as lay the foundation to designing novel treatments.

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Fructose Reduction for Healthy Drinks

You want healthy drinks with all the valuable ingredients and a good taste, but without or at least with less sugar? The good news is: You are not alone! The bad news is: It’s difficult to achieve with current technologies … Let’s develop some better ones!

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Rendering of a DNA molecule

Rapid Sepsis Diagnostics

acib has developed a new diagnostic tool for early sepsis detection through novel biomarkers based on circulating-free nucleic acids. The test allows for detection of sepsis 2-3 days before first symptoms occur and shows >80% accuracy.

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Research for a better world

acib’s vision is a world without suffering and with affordable access to food and medicine for all the people on this world. acib’s mission is to enable cost-effective and environmentally friendly new processes and products through the development of new technologies.

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