Cost-efficient synthetic biology tools

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acib has developed easy-to-use synthetic biology tools for the cost-efficient i) incorporation of non- natural amino acids, ii) assembly of multi-part DNA- constructs or iii) markerless gene integration/editing!


acib has an excellent expertise in developing novel synthetic biology tools and has proven their cost-efficient application in numerous industri‐ al projects:
i) acib established techniques for the biosynthesis of proteins containing non-canonical amino acids (ncAAs) in micro- organisms. The main advantage of ncAAs is that they feature unusual side chain chemistries that make valuable chiral synthons for pharmaceuticals, new building blocks to expand protein engineering scopes or provide reactive handles for biorthogonal conjugation to improve stability, plasma half-life or performance.

ii) acib offers endonuclease-free technique for cloning and assembly (e.g. Gibson Cloning/Assembly) to build entire genomes de novo.

iii) acib features synthetic biology tools for genome engineering e.g. lambda Red recombineering), metabolic reprogramming Via combinatorial pathway assembly.

Project Offer

Under protection of a CDA/NDA we provide you with professional strate‐ gies for your protein or metabolite of choice. Any IP developed in such a project would fully belong to the investor/industrial partner.


Dr. Birgit Wiltschi

Available for:

Investments, Joint Research Projects, Contract Research

Development status:

Technology Readiness Level 2 (Technology concept formulated)


Will be generated for our industrial partner / investor


Synthetic Biology, Non-natural amino acids (ncAAs), Directed modification of proteins, Protein Engineering, Bioorthogonal conjugation, Genome Editing, Endonuclease-free Cloning, Metabolic Reprogrammig, Combinatorial Assembly
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