acib as a
research center

In its role as an international research centre in all areas of industrial biotechnology, acib responds to pressing social issues such as the health crisis, the climate crisis, the shift from fossil energy sources to renewable resources, the preservation of ecosystems by avoiding harmful waste, and ensuring sufficient food to feed the world.

To find answers to key issues of our time, the transition to a sustainable bioeconomy is becoming increasingly important.
Therefore industrial biotechnology plays a key role in the extraction and use of biological resources to produce valuable products in the pharmaceutical, food and feed sectors or the use of bio-based chemicals, materials and bioenergy,. To meet these demands, acib is active in the following research fields:

International research projects

Currently, acib is involved in more than 90 international research projects. As a project coordinator and partner, acib is actively involved in a wide variety of EU projects.



Integrated in the scientific network of universities, acib provides its partners with access to state-of-the-art biotechnological infrastructure. 

You can see the different large-scale and specialized equipment in our overview.


The goal of acib is to generate new ideas, products, services, or business models. To this end, acib follows the “open innovation” approach: open innovation means benefitting from ideas from inside and outside the company to create new innovations.


The comprehensible and targeted communication of research results for different stakeholders is steadily gaining in importance. Mandatory in the context of EU projects, dissemination of scientific results often contributes to the success of research projects.

Innovation Management

As an innovative incubation center, the Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology (acib) supports its start-ups, spin-offs and center-based companies on their first steps towards business success. acib offers tailored services, extensive know-how and use of its broad network of industry and research partners.

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