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acib is a non-profit research centre that is funded by COMET (Competence Center of Excellent Technologies). Within the broad range of expertise it strives for “Better Health for all” as well we to the “Bio-based circular economy transition“.
Research Fields


Enzyme Technologies & Protein Engineering

Synthetic Biology

Bioprocess Technologies

& Simulations

Bioeconomy Technologies

Our Services

acib is a one-stop-shop for partners from industry, ranging from large multi-national pharma companies to start-ups and small biotech companies. From confidentiality to IP, contracts are tailored to industrial needs.

Industry partners gain access to R&D activities of an individually tailored research competence portfolio of currently 200 acib-scientists and more than 50 academic partners through access to acib’s Academic Partner Network.

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Our Features
acib is a leading Open Innovation platform for biotechnological R&D in Europe,
based on international collaboration between academic science and industry.

Biotechnological Infrastructure

Integrated in the scientific network of universities, acib provides its partners with access to state-of-the-art biotechnological infrastructure. You can see the different large-scale and specialized equipment in our overview.

Biotech Accelerator

The goal of acib is to generate new ideas, products, services, or business models. To this end, acib follows the “open innovation” approach: open innovation means benefitting from ideas from inside and outside the company to create new innovations.

Innovation Management

As an innovative incubation center, the Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology (acib) supports its start-ups, spin-offs and center-based companies on their first steps towards business success. acib offers tailored services, extensive know-how and use of its broad network of industry and research partners. Download our “Start-Up-Folder” here.