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Master Thesis: Enzyme Technology for Novel Food

in Vienna / Austria

That’s the project

Arkeon is a food-technology company working to provide the most nutritious and best tasting ingredients for the next generation of alternative protein products. The company’s mission is to decouple food production from agriculture and climate by developing technologies to convert CO2 into food ingredients. Together with the Department of Food Science and Technology (DLWT) we offer a position for a master thesis at BOKU Vienna.

That could be your future

You are working in an enjoyable work climate, have numerous possibilities for further education and personal development. You are part of a challenging and helpful work environment full of team spirit and enthusiasm for your job. You expand your expertise and bridge your science to industry. From a technical perspective, you will work on enzymatic assays, characterize enzymes and analyse the peptide products. You will work in close collaboration with an MS analytics group that will support your science with state-of-the-art techniques.

That’s important to us

In the best way you have completed a Bachelor’s degree for a recognized University in Chemistry/Biochemistry/Biotechnology or related fields. Research experiences in the following areas would be fine:
You should enjoy the work in an international interdisciplinary environment.

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