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Master Thesis in Bioprocessing

Computational fluid dynamics for characterization of microfluidic systems for continuous process development

Project description:

Gaining an in-depth understanding is the main challenge for fast and successful development and implementation of a bioprocess. In past years, microdevices became an attractive tool to scale down, develop and optimize bioprocesses. Microfluidic devices provide new methodologies to simulate bioprocesses by controlling the fluid conditions on small scale and generating data in a high-throughput manner. To design and develop microfluidic devices, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a valuable methodology to predict fluid flows, mixing behavior and other hydrodynamic phenomena. Microfluidics are characterized by small channels with controllable laminar flows. However, several bioprocesses require turbulent flows for fast and homogeneous mixing. To down-scale such processes, active mixers are being implemented in microfluidic devices, but there is limited information on how fluids behave in microdevices when external turbulences are applied. CFD can be used to study flow behavior in microfluidic systems and can predict mixing times, shear rates, distribution of nutrients and distribution of oxygen in micro-bioreactors.


The aim of your master thesis is to study the flow characteristics of different geometries used in the design of microfluidic devices and characterize them for process performance parameters. You would be working with 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The promising design will then be fabricated through 3D printing.

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Institute for Process and Energy Technology (IVET), Research Group Pfeifer Institute of Bioprocess Engineering at Department of Biotechnology (IBSE), Research Group Striedner This thesis can partially work on remotely for digital design and simulation.

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