From idea to market

Open Innovation is a paradigm that assumes that companies can and should use ideas from within the company as well as from outside and rely on internal and external pathways to the market when advancing their technologies. Open Innovation combines internal and external ideas to architectures and systems whose requirements are defined by a business model.

Open Innovation Platform

Allowing everyone to be more open and innovative

Developed in collaboration from acib and the Government of Lower Austria, it is operated as a physical Open Innovation Office to bring biotechnological research and business ideas together. Companies and start-up businesses are connected with local researchers to develop joint projects. The open innovation platform combines an approach to citizen science with coordinated idea development, helping with organizational matters, funding, networking and providing information for starting a own business.

Ask an expert

Interested citizens can ask questions or bring up requests related to biotechnology that are directed by the business development team to our more than 200 scientists to be answered.
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Co-creation center

When ideas start to form into prospective projects, they can be further developed collaboratively in the restricted area of our Co-Creation Centre.


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If you have any questions, you can contact DI Dr. Matthias Slatner. You can also visit him in his office in Tulln: Konrad-Lorenz-Strasse 20, 3430 Tulln an der Donau