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PhD position

Bioprocess design for gas fermentations of H2 oxidising bacteria

within EU Innovative Training Network (ITN)

Part of ConCO2rde Project

You will be part of the ConCO2rde project, an EU H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) – Innovative Training Network (ITN).
Within the pioneering research program of ConCO2rde, 11 early stage researchers (ESR) together will develop efficient microbial CO2-fixation processes for the production of materials and chemicals. The integration of molecular biology, biocatalysis and process intensification will provide a comprehensive education in the field of biotechnology.
The project will be carried out by a consortium of one transnational institute, six universities, eight industrial partners and one cluster.
Your research is part of ConCO2rde Work Package 3 “Process intensification of gas-driven processes”. The aim of your PhD research is to decipher the bottlenecks in the cultivation of Knallgasbacteria (hydrogen oxidizing bacteria) in order to run gas fermentations at high cell densities within bioreactors. Your research will speed up the development of future bioprocesses from CO2 as unique Carbon source.

Your PhD research will especially focus on:

Our offer:

Your special ConCO2rde training program will offer a balanced mix of training in scientific (synthetic biology, enzyme catalysis, process analytics and engineering etc. ) and transferable skills (entrepreneurship, diversity awareness, management skills, digitalization in science etc.) presented in eight dedicated network-wide workshops.

Your Phd research organisations and locations:

Your PhD degree will be awarded based on successful completion of the research work from two universities in the framework of the ITN-European Joint Doctorates (EJD) program. Double degree awarding institutions: Graz University of Technology (Austria), INSA de Toulouse (France). Your recruiting organization is acib.

Application Deadline:

15 August 2022, 11:59 pm, Central European Time

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