Real-life test(s) of DSP material(s)

Scientist from acib working on a bioreactor in Vienna.

Whenever new products for downstream-processing are available there is the question whether they are truly superior to previously used materials. acib offers to independently evaluate all kind of (prototype) chromatography matters and to address all questions regarding real-life applicability.


Recovery and purification of biopharmaceuticals such as antibodies, peptides, oligonucleotides, polysaccharides or vaccines from complex matrices is not only expensive, but also challenging. Composition and biological activity of the final product must be fully understood and consistent. New materials for downstream purification are constantly being developed, but it’s difficult to benchmark their alleged benefits to available alternatives. This is also true for specialized companies creating new, not commercially available materials, who can test in-house, but are lacking a trusted and experienced partner.


acib is an international research competence centre and exhibits profound experience in protein and bionanoparticle expression and purification, gained in dozens of industrial projects. We have experience in evaluation of chromatographic materials provided by well-known companies to give important feedback from real-world experts while ensuring that no one modifies, disassembles or reverse engineers the materials. We provide data e.g. on i) adsorption and retention characteristics ii) real-time pressure trace during cycling, iii) cycle number when columns reached over pressure, as well as iv) yield and purity with various products from different feed stocks and anything else that might be of interest. Whenever you need independent know-how to benchmark your resins or materials, just call acib!

Project Offer

We provide you with a professional surrounding and a skill-set to evaluate and provide feedback on your DSP-materials under protection of a CDA/NDA, MTA or joint research agreement, respectively!


Prof. Dr. Rainer Hahn, Prof. Dr. Alois Jungbauer, Dr. Nico Lingg, Dr. Peter Satzer

Available for:

Joint Research Project, Contract Research, Investments


Downstream processing, Chromatography, Purification test runs, Performance evaluation, Pressure trace recordings, Head-Space formation, Real-world experts

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