The long night of research LNF18 – a huge success

The picture shows red balloons printed with the logo "The long night of research".

Co-author: Sabrina Mayer-Maschl

On Friday, April 13th 2018, it was time to experience the world of science and research! Despite the not very promising date, the organizers expected a large number of visitors to come. During the 8th Long Night of Research, Austria’s largest nationwide research event, current science projects, new findings and technologies were presented in understandable and entertaining ways. With 228.000 visitors a new record was achieved. This shows the steadily growing interest in the research topics of the future.

Among the 265 locations that allowed a glimpse behind the scenes of science, the acib was represented with even three locations in Graz, Tulln and Vienna.

Graz showed numerous experimentations and hands-on stations as well as workshops. Visitors had the opportunity to discover biotechnological tools, to immerse into the complexity of enzymes or to learn how food gets its color. Children could playfully discover how genetic material works or even isolate DNA from strawberries.

Researchers in Tulln shared their expertise on how enzymes can contribute to a cleaner environment. Visitors were amazed that enzymes from fungi and bacteria are able to break down different plastics into their smallest constituents so that it can be used again for the production of new products.

The three locations at the BOKU Vienna reached deeply in their bag of tricks. Starting with the molecular modeling and simulation where visitors could model the 3D structures of proteins to the explanation of the functioning of a biorefinery, insights into the fascinating everyday life of the researchers could be gained.

This year’s Long Night of Research was once again a huge success and generated considerable interest among the general public. Many thanks to all the organisators, helpers and of course the participants who made this event to such a wonderful experience!

Picture credit: acib