acib for Science

acib is a non-profit research centre that is funded by COMET (Competence Center of Excellent Technologies). It develops solutions for the transition to a sustainable bioeconomy.

Industrial Biotechnology plays a key role in the extraction and use of biological resources to produce valuable products in the pharmaceutical, food and feed sectors or the use of bio-based chemicals, materials and bioenergy.

Our Research Fields


Enzyme Technologies & Protein Engineering

Synthetic Biology

Bioprocess Technologies

& Simulations

Bioeconomy Technologies

Our Cooperation model

You are searching for industrial project partners to finance your research?

Rely on acib’s extensive network of companies, allowing us to offer your research ideas to >10,000 potential collaboration partners. Let acib be your gateway for collaborative research!

Get partners for your technologies
As a scientific partner of acib, you can join our project offer initiative and hand in your concept for conducting your biotech-research within acib (project staff = acib employees).  
Start multi-company projects
With tailored contracts with universities and framework-contracts with universities in place acib can easily bring together multiple academic and industrial partners. If 4 company partners work together, each has to pay only ¼ of total research costs, effectively resulting in a funding-like arrangement.

Collaborate in EU funded projects
acib is a strong partner in EU projects, not only for scientific approaches but also for communication, dissemination work packages or life-cycle assessments – both pivotal factors for a multitude of EU project calls. Our EU-team is always helpful and well-equipped to assist you in finding suitable consortium partners and crafting all non-scientific components of your proposal. Get to know our Research projects

Benefits for academia
  • Unlock exclusive funding opportunities (e.g. FFG-FemTech, FFG-Dissertantinnen für Zukunftsthemen der Wirtschaft, FFG-COMET)
  • Easy project start (handling contracts and IP rules, streamlined administrative procedures, seamless project administration and management)
  • Support services in dissemination, communication, business development (advice for potential start-up founders) and also techno-economic assessment or life cycle analysis

Our Support

You are doing great science in the field of industrial biotechnology, we make sure that the public will notice.

Targeted science communication to different audiences and stakeholders is becoming more and more important. Efficient dissemination and communication measures are mandatory in the majority of funding programs in order to maximize the impact of a project.