Alternative proteins & cultivated meat

Poultry farm with a feed silo somewhere in the European Union.

acib is making use of cutting-edge biotechnology to develop new environmentally-friendly processes. Let’s see what we can do in the global fight for a sustainable food production free from animal harm!


Traditional agriculture represented an important source of nutrition in the past, but it’s already using approx. 40% of the total land mass. 2/3 of this land is needed only for (harmful) animal production systems causing massive CO2 emissions. With an increase in population (almost 10 billion by 2050) and an increase in protein uptake/person there is an urgent need for new ways to produce food and feed.


acib has developed a recombinant protein technology for the expression of mammalian food proteins (e.g. milk/cheese proteins or haemo/myoglobins) in yeasts to drastically improve the features of non-animal derived products and bring texture and taste as true to original as possible. acib also advances the field of animal cell culture by providing expression platforms for growth factors and developing ingredients for higher cell densities and a more efficient production e.g. by de-regulation of the Hippo-Pathway.
In addition, acib also features a technology for microbial food/feed proteins derived from CO2 and H2 to finally turn a harmful greenhouse gas into the only C-source required for microbes to grow and to subsequently produce much needed proteins for food and feed purposes.
acib has also developed several new enzymatic processes for the generation of vitamins, antioxidants and flavour & fragrances, as well as methods for stabilization and optimization of such compounds.

Project Offer

Under protection of a CDA/NDA we provide you with professional strategies for developing novel alternative proteins and special tasty/healthy ingredients. Any IP developed in such a project would fully belong to our investor/industrial partner.

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Prof. Dr. Harald Pichler, Prof. Dr. Helmut Schwab, Dr. Birgit Wiltschi, Dr. Margit Winkler, Dr. Aleksandra Fuchs, DI Viktorija Vidimce-Risteski

Available for:

Investments, Joint Research Projects, Contract Research

Development status:

Technology Readiness Level 2-4


Can be generated for our industrial partners / investors


Microbial Protein, Recombinant Proteins, CO2-Conversion to Food/Feed, Artificial meat, Cultivated meat, Bioreactor, Flavor & Fragrance, Vitamins, Antioxidants

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