Biotechnology is common these days …

Measures against climate change or the greenhouse effect as well as technologies and drugs for the treatment of diseases are inconceivable without biotechnology.
Upcoming Events

September 16, 2024
Vienna, Austria

acib Minisymposium:
Enhanced Sustainability in Pharma

We are pleased to announce the upcoming Mini-Symposium on “Enhanced Sustainability in Pharma,” set to take place in the heart of Vienna. Join us when leading pharma companies in Austria reveal their best sustainability practices and challenges, while academic experts suggest cutting- edge solutions for driving sustainable product and process design in the pharma and biotech sector to next levels. This event offers a unique opportunity to network and forge partnerships that will drive sustainability along the value chain. Let’s collaborate and shape a healthier and greener future together.

12-14 November 2024
Graz, Austria

The European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology

esib has already established itself as one of the biggest biotech conferences in Europe and an international platform for industrial biotechnology in multiple contexts. The event not only covers science but also deals with industrial needs and hopes, economic demands, funding resources or political aspirations and still leaves space for net- working and recreation. It encourages all protagonists of industrial biotechnology to think outside the box and in new comprehensive dimensions.
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