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Measures against climate change or the greenhouse effect as well as technologies and drugs for the treatment of diseases are inconceivable without biotechnology. Learn more about current trends and developments in biotechnology in our blog.

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14th – 16th November 2022
Graz, Austria

European Summit of industrial biotechnology

You are active in industrial biotechnology and you are looking for something special? You always thought of an event that not only covers science but also deals with industrial needs and hopes, economic demands, funding resources or political aspirations and still leaves space for networking and recreation? The European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology (esib) is the European communication platform for industrial biotechnology.

2023: Date to be announced
Vienna, Austria

High Throughput screening & Process development

Biotech industry has adopted HT screening in micro well plates as process development tools but still the major question remains on how the process can be optimised, so that it is representative of the large scale. Conversely what are the criteria for scaling-up the process developed at the microscale to large scale systems?

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