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acib (Austrian Center of Industrial Biotechnology) is a research centre that responds to pressing social issues such as the health crisis, the climate crisis, the shift from fossil energy sources to renewable resources, the preservation of ecosystems by avoiding harmful waste, and ensuring sufficient food to feed the world.

acib is aware that societal acceptance of novel technology is crucial. Therefore, we find innovative ways of science communication and dissemination to share our findings and make them understandable for everyone.

For Art Lovers

Open Call:
ARTcib SciArt Residency

With this open call we aim at opening up the academic as well as industry-related research at acib to a dialogue with artists and to push the boundaries of the inter- and transdisciplinary discourse in the field.
An object by the artist collective Fermenting Futures in an exhibition.

Fermenting Futures

The “Fermenting Futures” project (2022) by Anna Dumitriu and Alex May explores the significance of yeast biotechnology from a cultural and aesthetic perspective, engaging audiences in the history and future of this important, but under-recognised, field. 


This project is about looking at urban development holistically. We need to return to a more natural consciousness and create conditions necessary for the survival of a plot.

For Schools

Science ambassador

DI Viktorija Vidimce-Risteski
Preferred regions: Styria
School levels: elementary schools, SEK I, SEK II
No costs for school

Science ambassador

Dr. Daniel Luschnig
All regions, prefers southern and eastern Austria
School levels: elementary schools, SEK I, SEK II
No costs for school

School workshops: offered in the Frame of "Life is Science"

For All

Public Event: Life is Science