Next Generation Bioproduction

acib leads the development of industrial biotechnology to find solutions for a bio-based circular economy and better health for all.
To achieve these key objectives in line with the EU Green Deal and Austria’s national strategies in the field of bioeconomy and RTI in general, acib focuses on four interlinked areas:

Disruptive Bioeconomy

In its strategic area, acib creates the basis for a disruptive bioeconomy along two main strategic high-risk thrusts that go beyond the state of research: CO2/H2-based bioeconomy and the supply of essential medicines through bioproduction in plant cells.

Topics & Contact:

Dr. Petra Heidinger

acib GmbH / TU Graz

Prof. Johannes Buyel

Renewable Resources

The Renewable Resources Area is mainly dealing with the industrial sectors of food and animal feed as well as materials, both of which have to solve important issues relating to the circular economy and resource efficiency.

Topics & Contact:

Dr. Christiane Luley

acib GmbH / TU Graz

Prof. Harald Pichler

Sustainable Production

The Sustainable Production Area exploits novel strategies in bioproduction with the overarching aim to increase sustainability. Specifically, Sustainable Production utilises next-generation microbial cell factories and advanced biocatalysis in technologically feasible and environmentally friendly processes, and addresses various aspects of eco-friendly biomanufacturing and green chemistry.

Topics & Contact:

Dr. Anita Emmerstorfer-Augustin

acib GmbH / TU Graz

Prof. Brigitte Gasser

Health Biotechnology

The focus of the Health Biotechnology Area is on the development of production processes, the molecular characterization of novel biopharmaceutical products and the identification of new active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). In addition, the development of early diagnosis systems will enable a shift towards early prophylactic medical measures.

Topics & Contact:

Dr. Nico Lingg

acib GmbH / BOKU

Prof. Gerald Striedner

Success stories

The COMET funding program

The COMET competence centers work with companies and research partners to develop solutions for future topics such as climate protection, digitization, mobility and health. This strengthens the innovation and business location and secures Austria a place among the leaders in international research and creates highly qualified jobs. The COMET competence centers are financed by the federal government – specifically the Ministry of Climate Protection (BMK) and the Ministry of Labour and Economy (BMAW) – and the federal states Styria (via the Styrian Business Promotion Agency, SFG), Vienna, Lower Austria and Tyrol. The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) has been responsible for professional program management for more than 20 years.

Interested in joining the COMET network?
Projects for and with company partners. At the moment all funding has been exhausted. However, any interested company from small to large and from Austria to international can express their interest to be put on the waiting list. Martin Trinker will be happy to advise you and to answer all of your questions.