Bio-based production of glycosides


acib has a leading experience in industrial bioprocess design for enzymatic glycosylation reactions and is actively looking for new company collaborations interested in our glycosylation know-how.


Nature has a repertoire of enzymes to efficiently attach sugar moieties via glycosidic linkages to a wide range of acceptor molecules e.g., to i) establish a certain functionality, ii) enhance solubility, iii) improve stability, iv) convey immune-modulating effects.


acib can add structural and functional diversity to small molecules such as poly-alcohols, sugar alcohols, alkyl-alcohols, poly-phenols, flavonoids, etc. but also to antibodies; thereby solubility of hydrophobic compounds or stability of labile compounds is increased; or performance of biotherapeutics is optimized.

We design and optimize bioprocesses using tailored enzymes and reaction engineering strategies to provide you with a competitive advantage over conventional synthetic routes. Let us help you in selecting the right enzyme(s) and develop an economically viable production process for your target glyco-molecule!

Project Offer

Under protection of a CDA/NDA we provide you with professional strategies for glycosylation of your protein or metabolite of choice. Any IP developed in such a project would belong to you as our investor/industrial partner.


Prof. Dr. Bernd Nidetzky, Dr. Christiane Luley

Available for:

Joint Research Project, Contract Research, Horizon Europe Projects


IP will belong to you as our industrial partner/ our client


Glycobiology, Small Molecule Glycosides, Biocatalysis, Whole Cell Biotransformation, Glycoside Hydrolase, Transglycosidase, Glycoside Phosphorylase, ‘Leloir’ Glycosyltransferase, Bioprocess Design, Up-Scaling

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