Fermenting Futures – Bringing together arts and biotechnology

An object by the artist collective Fermenting Futures in an exhibition.

Arts and natural sciences have nothing in common at first sight. But if we have a closer look, sculptural artworks can be the ideal tool for exploring scientific contents from a visual perspective while reaching audiences that haven’t been targeted before. The discipline of “BioArt” allows artists to put their hands on the techniques of biotechnological science and methodologies. These first-hand experiences enable them to tell their own – science-based – story from an artistic point of view.

Fermenting Futures is an art & science project, conducted by Prof. Diethard Mattanovich and his team at acib/BOKU in Vienna in cooperation with the artists Anna Dumitriu and Alex May.

The project explores yeast strains and their applications in synthetic biology. The outcome is a collection of sculptures, that expresses the yeast’s long tradition as a workhorse of biotechnology and related novel research contents in a creative way. The artwork was shown the first time at the ICY15 meets ICYGMB30 this month, which can be marveled in a video.

Picture credits: Fermenting Futures