Econutri: CO2 for proteins

The picture shows an illustration of a fermentation tank which is filled with yellow liquid.

What if you could produce something valuable out of the pesky greenhouse gases?

What if you could even use them to tackle important global challenges? This is exactly the mission of acib’s spin-off company Econutri.

The small company has developed a bioprocess that uses carbon dioxide as a source to produce high quality protein. A crucial part of this process is the microorganism, Cupriavidus necator: it is grown in a gas fermentation process where hydrogen produced from green energy is needed for the microbial transformation of CO2 into protein.
With this process, the team of Econutri offers a solution for different challenges. It makes use of CO2 emissions and it contributes to meeting the increasing demands for human and animal nutrition. By providing proteins in an environmentally-friendly way, the overfishing of oceans and the extensive use of farmland can be reduced. Learn more about the Econutri process and watch the short video: