Did you know that the market for prebiotics is expected to increase by 11.3% per year until 2030? Health-conscious customers, as well as new applications in the feed industry are driving demand. With acib’s expertise on prebiotic bioproduction, companies can confidently venture into this lucrative market. Seize this opportunity!


Prebiotics are non-digestible compounds in our diet that selectively nourish beneficial microorganisms in our gut. These microorganisms make it much harder for pathogens to settle themselves and they produce short-chain fatty acids which positively influence various physiological functions. Therefore, prebiotics are not only crucial for the well-being of us humans, but also for animals and livestock. Prebiotics play a vital role in improving feed conversion and growth rates and survival in livestock, especially since the EU banned the routine use of antibiotics in animal feed. Despite the growing interest, prebiotics are often not readily available, and current production processes face challenges related to costs, yield, and purity.


acib has developed many industrial biocatalysts and has used them in biocatalytic processes for the production of various prebiotics. With the right expertise on enzyme expression, engineering, immobilization and biocatalyst formulation, reaction engineering and subsequent process design including integrated downstream processing, we can report on several successful case studies:


acib offers to provide functional prebiotics in quantities suitable for testing, with options available in the kg-scale for glucosylglycerol; 100 g-scale for cello-oligosaccharides; and milligram-scale for human milk oligosaccharides. Moreover, acib offers to develop fully new biocatalytic production routes for valuable prebiotics or to make current production processes more cost-efficient, by improved biocatalysts and better formulation, as well as through reaction and process engineering including integrated downstream processing (membrane filtration). acib transfers all necessary technology to the production partner ensuring a seamless transition to industrial-scale production. Intellectual property (IP) generated during the collaboration can be transferred to you, our investor/industrial partner. Tap into acib’s extensive 30-year history of industry experience and its track record of partnerships with more than 250 industry partners.

acib offers you the opportunity to establish with us cost-efficient high-purity bioproduction processes for valuable prebiotics.


Prof. Dr. Bernd Nidetzky, Dr. Christiane Luley, Dr. Barbara Petschacher

Development status:

TRL 3-7 (i.e. from experimental proof-of-concept to demonstration in operational environment)




Prebiotics, Synbiotics, Microbiota, Intestinal Flora, Digestive Health, Metabolic Health, Gut-Brain Axis, Sustainable Bioproduction

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