Processing of viral vectors and vaccines

Person wearing medical gloves draws a vaccine from an ampoule with a syringe.

Vaccines and gene therapy vectors are in high de‐ mand leading to challenging timelines for delivering sufficient amounts in highest quality. acib has both, the facilities and the expertise to provide you with fast and efficient production processes ...


The critical and cost driving step in the development of viral and virus like particles, is the production process which requires not only a deep un‐ derstanding of the process mechanisms, but also high-throughput analy‐ tical tools, and state-of-the-art up- and downstream processing equip‐ ment. acib has everything you need and in addition to expertise in viral vectors and particle expression in cell culture, also extensive know-how in purification processes for virus-like particles (VLPs) and other bionano‐ particles such as extra-cellular vesicles (e.g. exosomes).


acib’s upstream processing infrastructure consists of bioreactor systems configured for cell culture (mammalian or insect cells) and virus applica‐ tions up to 10L and a parallel multibioreactor system. Both can be com‐ bined with an alternating tangential flow system to deliver high cell con‐ centrations and process intensification. For downstream processing we provide a pilot-scale continuous ultracentrifuge with a fluid handling sys‐ tem and a preparative chromatography with MALS detector. This equip‐ ment is complemented by advanced analytical tools like nanoparticle tracking analysis, microflow cytometer, asymmetric flow field-flow fracti‐ onation and analytic HPLC with UV-MALS-DLS-RI detector. All equip‐ ment is in a dedicated BSL2 facility and can be made available for joint projects or to external users! 

Project Offer

We provide you with professional strategies and infrastructure to develop the best in-process control tools and production/purification processes for your vaccines and gene therapy vehicles.


Dr. Patricia Pereira Aguilar, Prof. Dr. Alois Jungbauer, Prof. Dr. Reingard Grabherr, Prof. Dr. Gerald Striedner, Dr. Peter Satzer, Dr. Verena Beck

Available for:

Investments, Joint Research Projects, Contract Research

Development status:

Status of the project proposal – Technology Readiness Level TRL 4 – 6 (Prototype System validated and available in BSL2 environment)


Will be generated for our industrial partner / investor


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Chandres, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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