Proteomics Analysis


LC – MS (/MS) analysis is the method of choice for proteomics. We use high resolution mass spectrometers to identify and relatively quantify thousands of proteins and their modification(s) and then perform statistic and bioinformatic analyses to determine differentially regulated proteins and pathways.


The host proteome reflects critical cellular pathways involved in recombinant protein production including protein synthesis, the secretory pathway, protein degradation pathways, metabolic and cellular stress pathways. Its analysis can thus support host development, expression system choice and optimisation and fermentation condition optimisation.


We routinely perform 4D proteomics experiments by combining nano- HPLC, gas phase ion mobility and high-resolution tandem mass spectrometry data dependent or independent parallel accumulation– serial fragmentation. Proteins are identified by database search, quantified across groups (e.g. genotype and/or condition) and annotated employing public databases and bioinformatic tools. Our expertise has already been proven many times in external projects.


We professionally assist you with proteomics analysis taking CDA/NDA for granted. IP developed in such a project would fully belong to our investor/industrial partner


Ruth Birner-Gruenberger, Ph.D.

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Joint Research Project, Contract Research, Investments

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Technology Readiness Level 6 (Demonstrated in relevant environment)


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LC-MS/MS analysis, Proteomics, Posttranslational protein, modifications

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