Research for a better world


Without animal suffering, without environmental damage, leading to a healthy and affordable life for all people.

acib's vision is a world without suffering and with affordable access to food and medicine for all the people on this world. acib's mission is to enable cost-effective and environmentally friendly new processes and products through the development of new technologies.


As a non-profit R&D organization with 200+ experts, we need the support of committed companies and individuals to make the world a better place. Dr. Franz Kühtreiber founded the DFK Foundation for the purpose of avoiding animal suffering, which continues to contribute to this cause after his death by supporting acib projects. For example, new growth factors are currently being developed to produce animal-free, cultured meat in bioreactors at lower cost, and haemoglobins and myoglobins are being produced in yeasts as important flavour carriers and iron suppliers to improve the taste and nutritional value of cultured meat, vegetarian or vegan products, and to develop higher-quality alternatives to meat consumption. All research results from these projects are made available free of charge to companies, scientists and the general public.

Project of your choice

Would you also like to contribute to making the world a better place for all living beings? Contribute with a project of your choice:

EUR 500,–
A school visit by our scientists for a child-friendly explanation of our research results, including materials (e.g. stuffed microbes, microscopes, culture plates, etc.).

EUR 1450,–
Payment of publication costs for the publication of scientific findings in a scientific journal.

EUR 1.800,–
Conference participation to present the research results to a large scientific community.

EUR 4.200,–
Production of 3D protein models from bioplastics as a tool to better explain how proteins work to the public.

EUR 6.800,–
For 1 month technician incl. Material.

EUR 37.500,–
Development of an improved growth factor for animal muscle cells.

EUR 52.500,–
Enabling the development of fish myo/haemoglobins in yeast to support fish alternatives with an even more natural taste.

EUR 65.000,–
Study for improved cell growth through gentle electrostimulation.

We will be happy to send you further information on all opportunities and to organize a meeting with our acib scientists.
Contact Martin Trinker from our fundraising team per E-mail oder phone +43 316 873 9316.

Dr. Martin U. Trinker
Director Business Development & Fundraising
Krenngasse 37
8010 Graz
+43 316 873 9316