Unlock the potential of microalgae to improve the functionality and sustainability of your product


Are you looking for an eco-friendly approach to improve the functionality of your product? Or do you want to integrate a renewable bioresource into your production pipeline and increase its sustainability? Microalgae could be your solution.


The promising future of microalgae has just begun: on the 15th of November 2022, the European Commission proposed 23 actions to fully harness the potential of algae in Europe for food, feed, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, energy production, and wastewater treatment. These actions will create promising opportunities for European industries and support their growth towards a robust, sustainable, regenerative sector capable of meeting the growing demand for algae-based products and technologies.


Microalgae are untapped sources of added-value nutrients and (novel) bioactive compounds that can be sustainably exploited for the benefit of humankind (e.g., food, feed, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals). Moreover, they reveal multi-functional opportunities for modern sustainable agriculture and can be easily integrated into circular economic processes.


Under the protection of a CDA/NDA, we can provide you with further details and develop a tailor-made microalgae-based solution for your product or process. IP developed in such projects can be fully transferred to you as our investor/industrial partner.


Benjamin Schmid MSc., Dr. Rita Mota

Available for:

Joint Research Project, Contract Research, Investments

Development status:

Technology Readiness Level 1-3


US20210093722A1. Others can be generated for our industrial partners / investors.


Product improvement, Sustainability, Renewable bioresources, Microalgae, Cyanobacteria, Bioactive compounds

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