Collaboration opportunities for Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking call 2024

The Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) in partnership with the European Union has announced an open call for proposals under the Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU). It funds research and innovation projects that advance circular bio-based industries in Europe under the EU’s Horizon Europe programme. The 2024 call for proposals is open for submission until 18 September 2024 at 17:00 CET.

With a focus on innovations in sustainable bio-based solutions to replace non-renewable resources with waste streams and sustainably sourced biomass, the call aligns with many of acib’s research areas and our biotechnology expertise can directly address several key challenges (see the list further below). Additionally, our biotech-communication specialists are eager to take over communication, dissemination and exploitation to increase your project’s impact.



Valorisation of polluted/contaminated wood from industrial and post-consumer waste streams

Our expertise:
  • Chemoenzymatic processes involving lignocellulosic matter.
  • Recover glucose to be used as starting material for platform chemicals.


Our expertise:


SSbD bio-based coating materials for applications under demanding and/or extreme conditions

Our expertise:
Lignin based anti-corrosive coatings, as well as biobased fire-retardant coatings.


Innovative bio-based food/feed ingredients

Our expertise:

  • Industrial enzymes for glycosylations and biocatalytic reactions for prebiotics: With expertise on enzyme immobilization and formulation, reaction engineering and purification, we can provide functional prebiotics in kg-scale for glucosylglycerol, 100g-scale for cello-oligosaccharides and milligram-scale for human milk oligosaccharides.
  • Microbial biotechnology for animal-like fats (PUFAs), functional/precision proteins (stable sweet proteins with no off-notes, casein and collagen), and other ingredients, using non-animal-based feedstock: plant-based (side streams of food grade oil industry), microbial side-streams (yeast cell lysate, e.g. brewer yeasts).
  • Plant-based production of: recombinant proteins or peptides, recombinant animal or human glycoproteins, and recombinant glycoproteins with tailored glycans. 


Bio-based materials and products for biodegradable in-soil applications

Our expertise:
Long term experience on biodegradable mulch films


Innovative bio-based adhesives and binders for circular products meeting market requirements

Our expertise:
Lignin based adhesive platform.


Innovative conversion of biogenic gaseous carbon into bio-based chemicals, ingredients, materials

Our expertise:
Extensive knowledge in CO2-fixation pathways in archaea, bacteria and plants to produce peptides, proteins and biopolymers. We have successfully transferred CO2-fixation pathway into yeasts.

Eva Knoch
EU Research Funding Officer