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Cultured Meds: Next-Gen Pharma

Ever wondered how to produce essential pharmaceuticals more affordably and sustainably? acib is going to revolutionize the production of plant-derived bioactive molecules by developing a plant cell-based, bioreactor-compatible technology to defeat the limitations of traditional manufacturing approaches. Check it out

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NMR-based metabolomics

Understanding the intricacies of metabolite fingerprints, their variations and absolute concentrations is paramount for a diverse array of studies. This includes biomarker studies, mechanistic inquiries, metabolic engineering endeavors, or quality assessments of complex mixtures.

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The CHO-cell technology advantage

acib has spearheaded for over a decade an international collaborative effort to unlock the potential of CHO-cells, addressing the main challenges of cell-line optimization. Benefit from reduced time-to-market and lower production cost and let acib streamline your process!

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Enzyme discovery and development for polymer processing

The research field of polymer & environmental biotechnology focusses on the development of biotechnical and enzymatic strategies related to polymer / material processing and environmental aspects. The expertise ranges from function-based enzyme development, in silico screenings and enzyme activation to

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Fruit peels waste valorization

Did you know that food waste valorisation is currently at the centre of debates on the development of various “circular bioeconomy“ models? Fruit waste, in particular, represents an incredible sustainable and renewable reserve for the extraction and/or production of various

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Advanced 3D-Bioprinting

3D-bioprinting is revolutionizing research and medicine by enabling the precise creation of intricate 3D structures using both living cells and biomaterials. Let acib help you capitalize on this technology to advance novel scaffolds, tissue engineering, drug testing and personalized medicine!

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The Compostable Bioprocess

If life science would be a country, it would rank third in plastic waste production, and 5th in CO2 emission. We need to become more sustainable in terms of energy and plastic use. Sterilization before, and inactivation after use requires

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Yeast-based Ginsenoside-production

Ginseng is among the most famous health-promoting plants in the world. But did you know that ginseng has a very high cost of production? acib is going to change that by developing an industrial yeast for ginsenoside production and is

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