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Did you know that the market for prebiotics is expected to increase by 11.3% per year until 2030? Health-conscious customers, as well as new applications in the feed industry are driving demand. With acib’s expertise on prebiotic bioproduction, companies can

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mcl-PHAs: Eco-Friendly Elastic Polymers

Did you know that tire abrasion and washing of synthetic textiles are main contributors to microplastic pollution in the environment? There is an urgent need for bio-based and fully biodegradable alternatives. However, some features have been challenging to replace, such

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Chemo-enzymatic route to alkaloids

The reliable production of alkaloids, including the pain medication precursors (R)-reticuline and salutaridine promorphian, is absolutely critical for the pharmaceutical industry. However, traditional methods rely on plant extraction, leading to supply chain vulnerabilities.

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Bio-based alkanes/alkenes production

Flavors and fragrances, cosmetics, lubricants, surfactants, pesticides, fine chemicals, bioplastics, biofuels, detergents, adhesives, solvents, dispersants for dyes, textile finishing – the potential applications of bio-based alkanes and alkenes seem almost endless. At acib, we provide the tools to make this

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Yeast surface display: High-end protein engineering

Yeast surface display represents a powerful protein lab)
engineering technology, enabling a wide range of applications including the generation of novel antigen binding sites (also in non-antibody proteins), affinity maturation, construction of pH-dependent binding sites and protein stabilization, among

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Cultured Meds: Next-Gen Pharma

Ever wondered how to produce essential pharmaceuticals more affordably and sustainably? acib is going to revolutionize the production of plant-derived bioactive molecules by developing a plant cell-based, bioreactor-compatible technology to defeat the limitations of traditional manufacturing approaches. Check it out

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NMR-based metabolomics

Understanding the intricacies of metabolite fingerprints, their variations and absolute concentrations is paramount for a diverse array of studies. This includes biomarker studies, mechanistic inquiries, metabolic engineering endeavors, or quality assessments of complex mixtures.

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